Our Quality Service

Caught between a task that’s too big for you, but too small for a general contractor? Andlin is here to help!


When it comes to D.I.Y projects, painting and drywall repairs often top the list. Patch in that hole or crack, choose a colour, grab some masking tape and throw down a drop cloth and get right to it. Rarely is it really that simple. Most often painting or drywall repairs jobs can turn into a big project around your home or business. That’s when you should turn Andlin Quality home Service. We are fast and efficient when it comes to  painting and drywall projects and the reason why you should give us a call for painting services for your home or business project.


Is there some trim, cabinetry or built – ins looking a little worn, broken or in need of a refresh or something in your home or business just falling apart?   Carpentry often involves solving unique challenges and problems. Our carpentry skills encompass a wide array of abilities and knowledge related to working with wood and other types of joinery materials. Our skilled team is adept to finding creative solutions to a vast array of issues that you may be encountering. 


When it comes to D.I.Y projects, drywall replacement and repairs are often on the the list, Patch in that hole that the kids said mysteriously appeared or the dog ate the wall again ( seriously it happens )  Most drywall repairs are fairly straight forward if you have Andlin Quality home service at hand ! We are fast and efficient when it comes to drywall repairs  and the reason why you should give us a call for your home or business project.


Is the tile in your home or business looking a little worn with chipped and broken tiles or is the grout discoloured or even missing in areas. Not only can this be a hazard underfoot but having any of that in wet area can also lead to some serious water damage issues if not addressed right away. From damaged tile replacement to grout repair or replacement. Andlin Quality Home Service can handle a wide range of tile and grouting applications. Don’t let damaged tiles diminish the beauty of your home or office.


Dripping faucets, running toilet, leaky water lines and slow drains. These are just some of the most common reasons home or business owners reach out to us for plumbing services help and usually right after a frustrating call with a plumber who demanded an expensive flat rate just to show up at their door. Visible plumbing problems are often the start of a more costly repair down the road for homes and commercial spaces.