Frequently Asked Questions

Q  : Availability for small jobs
A : We are here for you and your list no mater how short or long. Our scheduled services start with a 2 hour min

Q : Site estimate / project assessments
A : A scheduled site visit will be required depending on the complexity of the tasks required. We do charge $85.00 for a 45 min  project walk thru which will be credited back to projects invoiced over $500.00

Q : How Much Does it cost
A : Standard services with a  2hr min appointment charge is $250.00. Then we charge out a pro rated hourly rate which would be determined by your project.

Q : Do you warranty your work
A : We will repair any faulty workmanship for the period of 1 year this warranty applies to our workmanship only, and it is the home owners responsibility to contact and use the manufacturers warranty if there is any deficiencies, damages or other issues in the product Itself.

Q : Do I need to provide materials
A : Yes , we prefer clients to provide any of the finishing materials for their project to ensure they get exactly what they want, We would be happy to source items for you if provided with enough information.

Q : Do you have the required tools for the job
A : We come fully equipped to tackle you repair or installation

Q : Licensed and Insured
A : We are fully licensed and insured for the projects that we take on ( documentation is available at any time ) we also run a yearly independent 3rd party background check by Certn.

Q : What forms of payment are available
A : At this time we offer E-transfer payment, cash or cheque. Visa and Mastercard payments coming soon.