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Painting Services

When it comes to D.I.Y projects, painting and drywall repairs often top the list. Patch in that hole or crack, choose a colour, grab some masking tape and throw down a drop cloth and get right to it. Rarely is it really that simple. Most often painting or drywall repairs jobs can turn into a big project around your home or business. That’s when you should turn Andlin Quality home Service. We are fast and efficient when it comes to  painting and drywall projects and the reason why you should give us a call for painting services for your home or business project.

Save time. When you factor in sanding, patching, priming, taping and other preparation, that small touch-up starts looking a lot bigger than you anticipated.

Keep it safe. Areas like stairwells and high ceilings, may require extension ladders and other specialized equipment. If you get a little uncomfortable at heights or unfamiliar with working off a ladder you could be putting yourself (and others) at risk.

Ensure top quality. Have you applied caulking before, patched in or replaced drywall so that the work becomes invisible ?  This is one of the final stages to making all that hard work pay off and look fantastic. Quality painting services with a professional touch may be required. Painting and drywall repairs are our speciality!

No matter how small or large the project, let Andlin Quality Home Service restore your walls and ceilings back to pristine condition. Our professional service will also investigate and identify possible underlying causes for stains or cracks, such as mold, water leaks, or structural issues.

Refresh your home or office Let our Quality Home Service ensure you get the results you deserve!

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